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Butterfly    God walked over to the Universe Good Energy Distribution Center" to find the Angels in charge of setting certain things in motion.  He told them of a story where he saw two women on the beach talking to him and each wondering why their relationships were not working very well. He identified them to the Angels and said at least one appeared to be a Dragon Slayer but a particularly hard working one but both were very good people and …. it was time.  She had done much work on herself over the years to just simply be a better person ... something the Angels knew he was proud of because "The Plan" was working.  He also identified a lonely soul that had walled himself off from much of the happiness that could be found in a relationship and also thought he was a Warrior.
    He did not have to explain what or why. God had made the trip many times to talk to the same Angels.  The Angels studied their subjects and began to set a plan in motion to first get the Dragon Slayer safe until the appointed day and get the Warrior on a path of working on himself to become nearly as good as the Dragon Slayer.  They knew the wall the Warrior had built made him feel that all of the positive energy and love he had to share was lost forever but they knew it was being locked away in his heart for safe keeping.  It was not being lost but saved to be used later.  They worked hard to make just little subtle changes in the Universe so the Warrior would recognize he needed to find a new light.

    Slowly the Warrior began to realize that he could change and escape from behind the wall.  He began to work very hard but progress was slow.  As it turned out God brought a message to the Angels the very next year to tell them the same Dragon Slayer had been walking on the beach again and seemed to be a little anxious that the prayer was not being answered.  They gave him an update on their progress and as usual his smile told them they were on track and he was pleased.  Without another word he left.

    The Warrior had begun to make major changes in his life but he was not sure if he would ever be able to share what was in his heart but he kept the faith.  By chance it seemed, but of course the Angels knew better, he found a story about a Dragon Slayer with her own light.  He was fascinated by the story he read.  After a little work he was able to deliver a message to that special person.  At first it was just a friendly exchange but all of the work the Dragon Slayer had done gave her the insight to see it was more than just a friendly hello.  She too was fascinated by what appeared to be somebody who understood her point of view.
    After a while the Dragon Slayer and the Warrior decided to meet and the Angels were very pleased at their success.  Their carefully crafted plan was working because the two souls had formed a very special bond that was different than either had ever experienced.  As with all of the Angel's plans they left some special spots where the Dragon Slayer and the Warrior had to dig deep into their own souls to find the answers to some difficult issues.  And each time to the delight of the Angels they managed to become just a little bit better and the bond was a little bit deeper.

    A little while later God visited the Angels and remarked that again they had been able to create something that made The World just a little bit better place.  He turned and started to leave then looked back over his shoulder and said ... "Don't forget the other one on the beach", winked and kept walking.  The Angels looked at each other and said "Work to do".  You could see the delight on their faces.

The End             
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