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Sunday (June 25th) --- Terry and Mark arrive, relax, organize, and start getting things ready.

Thursday --- Everyone except Linda arrives.
    Tipton family arrives Thursday morning.
    McCain family and Jeri arrive later in the day on Thursday.

Friday ---
    • Morning --- Terry and Mark host the boys (Max, Sam, and Luke)
        in their room for breakfast and to decorate wedding shells
        whenever the boys wake up.(Send 'em up!)

    • Linda and Rob (son) will be driving.  Rob leaves Friday evening
    • 6 pm - Rehearsal on the beach
    • Night --- Dana Chaperones (?) Girls Night Out
      Dinner reservations at 8pm, Limo pick up at 6:30-7:00pm

Friday or Saturday --- Guys "Big Fishing Adventure".
    Must be back by 3:30pm if the trip is Saturday or 5:30pm if on Friday.

Saturday ---
    • 10:00 am --- Terry manicure.  Others welcome to come but need appointment.
    • Terry and Mark are hosting an early dinner for everyone at 4:30 at
      Tetley's Restaurant across from the hotel.
      Casual dress for the restaurant then change clothes before the wedding.

    • 6:15 pm - Need helpers to scatter shells on the beach for Ceremony
    • Wedding --- Scheduled at 6:30, with some photos early and some after ceremony.
      Reception with "killer" cake, Ice Cream, and Champagne in Terry and Mark's suite.