Terry and Mark's Wedding

As part of the celebration we wanted a symbol of blending our lives but also to show that we will remain separate yet together.

From that idea we created the

Sand and Shell Ceremony

Terry blended White Sand from a special beach in Florida that was gathered by the Best Man Dana with Black Sand brought by Mark into a special glass cylinder.  The children gathered shells and dropped them into the container to create a unique symbol of the blending of two lives and families.

This special keepsake is on the main photo page.

In these times of challenges from the outer world, some of our relating with each other can appear to be strained and problematic.

Throughout our human experience, there is so much opportunity to remember the truth--that ALL OF OUR LIFE IS AN EXPRESSION OF GOD! 

It is not always easy to remember it or to believe it. However on days such as this one, the loving joining of Terry and Mark, we are reminded that all is well and only love prevails...

(Questions to the family:)

And so, I ask of you all here, "Will you be in loving support of Terry and Mark, as friends, family and loved ones, during their loving days together?"

Please signify by saying, "I do!"

And in loving support of Terry and Mark and yourself, it is important that you care for your own loving relationships, as well.  And knowing that, I ask you, "Will you be in loving support of your own personal relationships from this time forward?"

Please signify by saying, "I do!"

And finally, we all get to lighten-up as these wonderful children try to teach us to do...

So, I decree a day and a life for all of us to find the joy and fun in all we do and declare the loving couple are wife and husband.

Now Terry and Mark will pour sand into this lovely vessel. One color sand is black and the other is white, signifying the separateness of Terry and Mark, yet their shared togetherness in their container as a couple.

All of us will search the sand around us for a shell for Terry and Mark's container, since we are all connected and supportive of them. When we find our shell, we will each put it into the glass container in loving support of Terry and Mark. (Gather and pour and each place our shell into the glass.)

Terry and Mark are like the wings of a butterfly, bound together with the love of God.

The Butterflies were released silently carrying all of our wishes and dreams to the heavens.

Congratulations to Terry and Mark Strickland and all of us lucky enough to be here in support of them on their journey of love and life! And so it is!!!

Thanks to Linda in helping write this part of the celebration.

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