In Loving Memory Of Jeri Strickland                        Click here for Pictures
  Sister ...
  Friend ...
  Butterfly Lady ...    Butterfly

I have a date with a butterfly to dance in the air
I'll be singing in the sunshine, wild and free
Playing tag with the wind while I am waiting for thee

Jeri died unexpectedly on August 9th surrounded by her family and very close friends.

The Wedding Celebration was a special and happy time shared by family and new friends.
From the dinners, the limo ride, the shell decorating with the boys, hanging out at the pool,
some quiet walks on the beach, and releasing the butterflies at the ceremony, Jeri was
very much a part of these extraordinary memories.

As much as we will miss her, there is comfort in these memories and this special time we shared.

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New Sisters
New Sisters
Mark, Terry, and Jeri On The Beach
Mark, Terry, and Jeri
We all pose on the beach
On The Beach
Mark and Jeri share a dance
Mark and Jeri
Mark, Terry, and Jeri on the beach
Mark and Jeri on the beach
Jeri holding the butterfly box
The new sisters and a brother
New Sisters and a Brother